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Cobra Kickboxing Team

Running as part of our Martial Art Program every Tuesday night, Cobra Kickboxing teaches a mix of Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Boxing  skills. Suitable for everyone aged 15 and up, whether your looking for an awesome way to improve your fitness and flexibility or confidence and self defence skills. Or you're looking to enter into more serious competition, our kickboxing session is your answer!

Classes are designed for everyone from beginners to advanced.

Our kickboxing classes will develop:

- Effective and devastating strikes

- Kicking techniques designed to improve reach and power

- Combinations of strikes developed for combat or defence

You should look forward to gaining:


- Strength and speed

- Flexibility

- Tone and shape

- Self defence capabilities that are well developed and respected

- Confidence and ability


Classes consist of technical pad work to improve your fitness, strikes, speed and power.

After this we have technical touch contact sparing for beginners, or contact sparing if you are looking to enter competition.

Check out our timetable for session info, or contact us for more details.

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