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About Cobra Mixed Martial Arts

Cobra Martial Arts Morley is a family friendly, professional Martial Arts Club.  Our Mixed Martial Arts system encourages respect, discipline, self-defence, fitness and coordination in a fun, safe supportive environment.  We pride ourselves in fostering confidence, leadership and building real life skills in our students in a manner appropriate to you/your child’s ability.

Why Choose Cobra Mixed Martial Arts?

...We're Family Friendly!


We are a family owned and run club that prides ourselves in providing a family friendly learning environment to Little Cobras (3 - 5 year old), Juniors (6-9 year old), Young Adults (10 - 14 year old) and Adults (15 & over) an effective Mixed Martial art. You will learn self defence to defend yourself, see improvements in discipline, fitness, co-ordination, flexibility & more! All of this while enjoying yourself!

Development & Discipline

Our Mixed Martial Arts is conducted in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment, perfect for developing well rounded students!

You or your child will develop motor coordination, see improvements in focus, discipline, flexibility and fitness while learning the art of self defence and much more.  All of this in an enjoyable and fun atmosphere!

We Combine Many Effective Martial Art Disciplines


The Cobra Mixed Martial Arts MMA system comprises of the six most popular and practical martial art and self defence styles being Karate, Traditional Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai Boxing (Kickboxing), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Filipino Eskrima (also known as Kali and Arnis).


These are all blended seamlessly to creative an effective Mixed Martial Art.

We're Different.


The main difference between the Mixed Martial Arts MMA you see in the cage on TV and what we will teach you at Cobra Martial Arts, is that we have retained the traditional values of Martial Arts, such as respect, discipline and integrity. Additionally, we also teach you in a safe, family friendly manner, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

We Build Our Students


At Cobra we pride ourselves on building students up from the very beginning. We acknowledge that beginners may have a low level of fitness, and we cater our classes to suit.

Through Cobra Martial Arts lessons you will develop a fitter, stronger, more toned body, with increased alertness, flexibility and vitality guaranteed! Your mind and body will gradually learn to adapt to the training, thereby preparing you mentally and physically for the challenges of daily life.


At a gradual but consistent pace, you will become proficient in self defence, enabling you to protect yourself and your family.

We Teach Self Defence.


Cobra Martial Arts teaches a very unique form of Mixed Martial Art. Blending many styles students can expect to defend themselves in any situation, even on the ground.​

Self defence is a major part of the Cobra style.Children of all ages, women and men are catered for independently, allowing anyone of any height or shape to defend themselves whenever needed.

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