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6 - 9 Year Old Junior's

A Quality Start to Life...

Cobra is a small, boutique Martial Arts Club, with hundreds of parents using Cobra Martial Arts to supplement their children's education and upbringing.

Cobra Martial Arts is a lot more than just punching and kicking - it is also a rock solid, holistic and healthy (physically and mentally) way of living life.



At Cobra, we have many systems built into our syllabus designed to impart a deep respect onto our students. One example is that all students bow to their instructor before class. This act of respect must also be shown to our parents and school teachers in order for juniors to pass their quarterly grading (tests). Behaving and performing well in the dojo is not enough to pass your belts. We monitor, through a tracking form known as a Grading Form, that this same behavior and performance is replicated at home and at school.



In order to develop our students into quality members of society, all our students must humbly participate in regular drills designed specifically to instill a work ethic. Sweeping the mats before class is one example.

Junior Martial Arts Cleaning.jpg
Building Strong Foundations


There is a discussion (theory) section at some classes, known as The Master's Message, where the instructor discusses one of the following topics with the students:


  • Courtesy in the dojo, at home and at school.

  • How to say 'NO' to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

  • How to stay strong mentally, in order to avoid unhealthy peer pressure.

  • The importance of education and study.

  • Inappropriate use of martial arts (i.e. not at home, school or on brothers and sisters).

  • Stranger Danger

  • Goal Setting (all students set goals for school, home and martial arts as part of the course)

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Quality Feedback


We get feedback from parents almost daily that their children have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks, and a higher sense of self esteem. Parents also tell us that their child has improved self confidence and concentration as a direct consequence of training at Cobra.

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Give Cobra a Try!


All potential new students are welcome to do a trial session FREE OF CHARGE before they enroll. Do something your child will thank you for and book your trial session through the link below...

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