3 - 5 Year Old Little Cobra's

Benefits of Cobra Martial Arts


Children who are bullied at a young age are often scarred for life. It often effects their self confidence, schooling and later their family life and career.

At Cobra Martial Arts your child will develop strength in body and mind at an early age, as well as self defence skills.

They will stand and speak with confidence, meaning that a bully would rather avoid them to find an easier target.

Training Drills


Little Cobras participate in various training drills to develop:


  • Self Confidence

  • Teamwork

  • Co-ordination

  • Concentration

  • Balance

  • Focus

  • Fitness

  • Discipline

  • Attention span

  • Memory

  • Respect for Elders

  • Self defence skills


These are important skills which will assist them in their school years and later life.

Give Cobra a Try!


All potential new students are welcome to do a trial session FREE OF CHARGE before they enroll. Do something your child will thank you for and book your trial session through the link below...