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10 - 14 Year Old Young Adult's

Turning Children into Adults


This age group can be difficult to negotiate for children and parents. We at Cobra understand this and have designed an in-built Leadership Program which teaches important traits, usually associated with successful adults and leaders, such as:


  • The Goal Setting Process (e.g. we use the coloured belt system to teach children how to set and achieve goals).

  • Leadership skills (e.g. children are gradually prepared to lead class exercises and stretches and from time-to-time will be asked to stand in front of the class to lead them).

  • Public Speaking skills (e.g. children are taught and constantly reminded about strong posture, standing tall, speaking and replying in a loud, clear and confident voice, and introducing themselves to their partner with a firm hand shake and eye contact).

Developing Respect and Discipline


We bow to our instructor before class to show respect and this respect must also be shown to our parents and school teachers. Behaving and performing well in the dojo is not enough to pass your belts. We monitor, through a tracking form known as a Grading Form, that this same behavior and performance is replicated at home and at school.

The Triangle Principle


At every lesson, our 'young adult' group are taught that Martial Arts works as a 'triangle', meaning that it's principles must be extended to school and home life and are not just for Cobra dojo (training centre).

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Further Development


Senior belt level students may attend a special Instructor Certification program, where they are taught about teaching, class planning and advanced leadership skill development.

These students may be invited to further develop their teaching and leadership skills, by being given the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice, by assisting with the classes of younger or lower level children.


Young Adult Martial Arts Skill Developme
Give Cobra a Try!


All potential new students are welcome to do a trial session FREE OF CHARGE before they enroll. Do something your child will thank you for and book your trial session through the link below...

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