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Read the below testimonials from real students and parents who have trained at Cobra Martial Arts. We receive many great compliments from our students, some of which we proudly display below....

"..I have seen her self esteem rise considerably..."


As a parent, it has often been difficult to maintain consistency in Sam`s life. Since enrolling her at Cobra, I have seen her self esteem rise considerably and she is more focused and disciplined... one day I`ll find the time to enroll myself in a class!  - Ms Lin Taylor

Cobra has taken me from being stuck on the roller coaster of life, with no direction... to an achiever with clearly set goals and direction. -Justin Newman


"...provides appropriate training in self-defense..."


Cobra Martial Arts promotes self discipline in everyday life, respect for others despite their background or physical ability, a positive attitude towards physical and mental health. In addition to the above, we believe the school also provides appropriate training in self defense techniques that in today`s society our child may unfortunately rely on at some time.  -Gordon Lynn Furby

"...I have discovered things I never knew I would achieve..."


I joined martial arts for all the right reasons, fitness, self discipline, self defense... Now in my third year of training, I have discovered (things) I never knew I had or would achieve, like self awareness, self trust, self belief, self respect and self confidence... (this) could only have come with my training at Cobra. 

-Kevin Raymond


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