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Eskrima / Kali Arnis

Running every Second Wednesday as part of our Cobra Martial Arts adult classes, we run a separate, specialised course in the Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima, which is also known as Kali, Arnis or simply Stick Fighting. Eskrima is a weapons based martial arts system which can also be used without weapons, i.e. unarmed.

Although one of the most practical and deadliest martial arts in existence, the training is very low-impact and low intensity. It is suitable for all ages including the elderly as well as those who are prevented from participating in other more physical martial arts due to injuries or disabilities.

Class begins with a short, low-impact warm-up on-the-spot using the Eskrima sticks. There are no running, jumping or high impact exercises or techniques. There are very few kicks and the ones used are mostly groin or knee height and very simple.

The classes teach self defence techniques, with attention to defence against weapons such as the baton (stick) and knife (dagger). Please note that safety, weapons used are mostly made from wood or rubber. You will also learn how to effectively use the stick, dagger and other weapons effectively, as well as how to apply the same techniques unarmed (i.e. if you are not holding a weapon how would you use that technique for self defence purposes).

The course is suitable for students over the age of 18 years and students under this age must have permission from a parent or guardian.

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