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General Information:
School Holiday Program Runs Jan 3rd to Jan 26th
​Are you looking for a FUN activity that will give  juniors an insight into the TOUGH & DISCIPLINED sport of Martial Arts?
Each 1 hour session will include:
- Self Defence Drills
- Boxing & Kickboxing techniques
- Martial Art Technical Drills
- Fun 'Martial Art' Based Games!
Registration is Required as placed are limited by Booking Only!
Contact us for more info.
Spaces are always very limited - BOOKING REQUIRED.


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School Holiday Program Runs every Monday & Wednesday in January.
(January 3rd to the 26th), 3pm - 4pm
Classes over the school holidays run every Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

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Our school holiday program has a simple pricing structure. You can attend single sessions for only $20 per session! No commitment required however the classes MUST BE PRE-BOOKED as numbers are STRICTLY LIMITED

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Q: How does the school holiday program work?
A: Your junior will have the opportunity to lean martial arts, self defence and anti-bully drills without having to join or sign up. We only offer this once a year, over the Christmas / new year period.

Q: How many students attend each class?
A: There are strict limitations on student numbers per instructor & assistant, which depends on the class age. As a general rule, we dont like more than 20 in each class. We are very diligent to not overbook our classes as we prefer high quality tuition and high quality students over high numbers. Therefore, There are very limited available spaces for each school holiday session.

Q: I wish to attend some school holiday classes, is there a contract?
A: No, there is no contract, you pay for the classes you wish to attend up to the close date.

Q: What happens if spaces fill?
A: We will not offer any further school holiday sessions for that particular day and time

Q: I have purchased a set amount but I did not attend them all, can I get a refund?
A: No. We had an allocated space for you or your junior, which may have restricted someone else attending.

Q: What are the dates available?
A: The school holiday promotion runs from Jan 3rd to Jan 26th. If you can book a session through our system, then that day is available.

Q: If I wish to join the club as a member after the school holiday program, can I?
A: Yes you certainly can and all classes attended count!

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